Solid wood furniture selection tricks

For a long time, wooden furniture, because of its very nature is always original style and has become a favorite for customer when they buy them from plywood supplier in China. In almost any style of furniture, wooden works can be found. Then what selection tricks would you know about solid wood furniture?


Wood afraid tide and insects, so living in high humidity areas, should pay special attention to the selection of a higher amount of fat-containing, moisture better wood, such as teak, basswood, South America pear, etc., or have been moisture treatment of furniture, such as paint, moisture protection of wood furniture. Check sliding drawer; at the same time, various furniture light pressure force point, such as pedestal, drawers, doors, shelves support, etc., to test whether the firm when you in the block boards wholesale China for shopping; note heavy furniture components at the interface should be fastened with screws or glue the reinforcing member and positioning, open all the doors, drawers, make sure they are installed properly, the use of harmless; touch the surface of the furniture by hand, to see if they are smooth; surface carefully check whether there stain streak furniture polishing the corners of the paint is uniform enough, whether it be any cracks and the like.


Of course, there are a lot of customers would buy best mdf wood in China for their home decoration, actually, the tips for choosing are the same when you go to the market for them.