Reaction to Future Shock

Reaction to Future ShockIn talking about future will we don’t know what the future holds.We don’t know what will happen to us, to the environment and to the other things.But even if we do not have the idea about the things that will happen in the future but we just have to be ready. In Alvin Toffler’s future shock well, I was eventually shock also for I did not noticed that the innovations of the technologies in the world is already leading to destruction.Though it’s quite hilarious but what is really happening today like how the way of our communication has change and other important things is really bad. Many people were very shocked of what the technologies had brought to us.Almost all of us were being subjected to too much change for a short period of time.The way of our communication or socialization was changed and this is because of the use of the technologies.Well it’s really okay to have a development or an innovation but it should not lead to destruction. Our future may be shocking but we could still prevent the destruction that it may cause to us,we just have to be open-minded and have control in everything.Being a victim of the future shock is not easy,but instead of remaining as a victim, we should all strive to become a survivor of the shock, the future shock.