Keeping Texas Cold during the Long Summers

Texas is very popular for its warmer months in particular April through October. Most people in the areas in South Dallas all the way to the tip of Texas can always count on days in April feeling much like August again. With the fluctuating costs of electrical services air-conditioning, a home can get quite expensive with six and sometimes up to nine months of days passing the mid-80s on the thermometer. Texas has its fair share of the sun for the better part of the year. There is also the wind factor that can carry heat through the installation of many homes. The air leaks seem to be a very popular situation and condition for older homes that were built before the Energy Star compliancy's were necessary for building material.

A great example of this would be insulation put in walls that deteriorate and lose their function. There have been many changes as to how the fabric is made for insulation. It is very frustrating to turn the air conditioner on for the 18 hours the sun may shine especially during summer days in Texas. The electricity bills tend to fluctuate in price to two energy companies having policies about kilowatts being used. Though many advocacy groups have complained the energy commission still has claims that they have no say in this. Preston Fontenot is the proud owner of Dollar Energy Solutions in New Braunfels, Texas. Dollar Energy Solutions offers consultations that can save many households thousands of dollars per decade in energy costs.