What Can You Expect from Loading Files with an IRC/XDCC Client

With regards to downloading files, more and more people have been talking about using XDCC due to the good convenience and quickness it can provide. Here are the advantages you can get from it:

Simple to use

What you must do here is to edit the settings after successfully downloading mIRC. Looking for downloadable files in your desired search engine is the next thing to do. Then, enter XDCC command in the chat box.

Fresh Contents

Enjoying the new shows, movies and other things online is a sure-fire thing since fresh releases are always available on the web.

Speedy Download

Even with a standard speed internet connection, you can still download a movie in just few minutes using IRC/XDCC client. The screenshot above is the evidence on how quick the downloading process will be. Instead of megabits, the speed unit will be megabytes.

Privacy is Assured than in File Sharing Networks

With file sharing networks, you can be connected to tons of people. However, your downloading activities are only viewed by a few people with IRC/XDCC. This network is unlike any other, and is not under surveillance.

No Need to Spend a Dime

You can surely download faster for free? It may sound untrue, but it is possible. There are also no ads right here.

To get a hold of this fresh downloading experience, here are the things you must do.

Configuring mIRC For XDCC Downloading

IRC has been helping people around the globe for over 20 years. Everyone wishes to experience a fast download process and it has been made possible through this distribution channel.

In configuring your mIRC for XDCC download, the important steps involved are the following:

Install mIRC

Through the help of http://www.mirc.com/get.html, you can get the free IRC client and run the installer. Click “continue” if ever a trial notice will pop up.

Instructions for Configuring mIRC

The options will just automatically open but if it doesn’t, then try clicking the icon on the top left screen. From there, you should put all the information required such as email address, made up name, alternative name, and nickname. Later on, visit IRC and make sure the box for “rejoin channel when kicked” is examined.

Click Auto-get file and if file exists, resume” in the DCC. Click only those you wish to download and not everything that has been delivered to you. Below the DCC, click on “Ignore” and “Disabled”. Furthermore, to be ready for the download, unselect the checkbox for “Turn ignore back on”.

You can search on the DCC-options, when it comes to checking your notifications. Removing the check is suggested if you don’t want a beeping sound alert when file transfer is finished. You can perform the same for the “sounds” choice if you want not to be disturbed by notification beeps.

Finally, navigate to the DCC-Folders and set the folder where you can find your downloaded stuff. By saving your determined settings, click the “OK” button.

Wish to be benefited by the mentioned device. Now is the time to get going. Try it.