What are you good at when it comes to baking or cooking? I love Danish pastry.

I am skilled at seasoning for the weather of the day. I know which herbs and spices will induce a mild physiological change, and I know which changes will help a person tolerate various weather extremes ... I know how to categorize spices based on "hot-dry" or "hot-humid" or "cold-dry" or "cold-humid" or the neutral middle ... seasoning is NOT the same as flavouring ...

I am good at baking pot cookies, or making canna-butter or canna-cream for baking pot cakes or pot pies, or to add canna-cream to a cup of coffee.

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I make great omelets.

Recipes From Around The World

I make great lentil and cabbage soup, and other vegetable soups.

I roast duck, chicken, turkey, or goose very well.

I steam, bake, or fry various types of fish very well.