FF400R12KE3 IGBT Module - Infineon Technologies Semiconductor

If you want your welding machines to be better than ever, visit http://www.USComponent.com/buy/eupec-infineon/ff400r12ke3/ now! Get your own FF400R12KE3. With the presence of PrimeSTACK, your welding machines will never fail you, ever!


FF400R12KE3 has the ultimate tool to make your welding machines attain optimum electric performance. Weighing only 2.2 lbs., this IGBT transistor module, can produce power of up to 1200V, making it a perfect semiconductor to charge up welding machines.


The secret that makes FF400R12KE3 on top of all the semiconductors is the presence of PrimeSTACK. With this component equipped to the IGBT transistor module, it provides the ability to measure all sorts of voltage, current and temperature. Other features of PrimeSTACK include:


·         Perfect for FF400R12KE3 and other IGBT transistor modules that can produce 1200V of power

·         Different standards of heatsink suitable for air cooling

·         Integrated IGBT EiceDRIVER Safe

·         Reinforced isolation

·         Monitors DC link voltage

·         With current sense to every leg output, and…

·         Analogue output to each sensor signal


With PrimeSTACK’s unique and powerful features, FF400R12KE3 is undeniably a perfect semiconductor to take the performance of welding machines to the next level.