Check Out the New Enhanced Reality Drone by Bird

If you are looking for the hottest technology in Wi-Fi chopper model flying be sure to check out the Augmented Fact (AR) Drone by Parrot. The looking for rc jet planes drone comes with a manual fully briefed to demonstrate how straightforward it is to control this particular 4 rotor heli. The manufacturer Parrot, offers bridged the gap between digital and physical worlds, making use of wireless add-ons for smart mobile phones which in turn make use of iPhone and iPad touch-screen technology. This amazing quadricopter creates its own Wi-Fi network which links to an iPhone as well as iPad. Interestingly this specific quadricopter has two video cameras on board allowing you to essentially sit in the initial seat. One digital camera is located beneath the quadricopter and is also used to calculate the drone speed and also permits hovering capability. The AR Drone combines military programing together with gaming programs allowing for Smart Piloting (PSP) to adjust for wind and other environmental alterations. The second camera is located up front and views the drone's surround and sends this information returning to the iPhone or even iPad touch-screen. You see just what the drone sees providing to get a birds eye see just as if you were sitting down inside the quadricopter yourself. This is what AR gaming is all about!

The Parrot AR Drone comes with a blown or brushless engine that delivers a maximum speed regarding 11 miles per hour and easily travels 9 for you to 10 feet over the ground. The brushless search engines provide more energy than the brushed variations and therefore cost more. Even so, buyers tend to like the brushless models. The particular Parrot AR Drone is a accurate light weight at around ¾ of a pound with size of approximately 20x20 inches.

The Click Here…. AR Drone can be flown on the inside or outside. Needless to say, there are many more obstacles inside of and hence greater the possiblity of damaging your drone. Don't worry. Parrot has thought of everything. They have made this drone out of carbon fiber tubes as well as PA66 plastic which means they are rough and tough and will handle just about anything you dish out. In the event of an accident, all 4 rotors locking mechanism on impact safeguarding rotors and engine. For those of you who have flown the existing RC planes, keep in mind what happens when your plane is out of range? These people kept going out of array and probably got misplaced for all of time. You know what? Parrot thought of that and has an auto-pilot on board. If your drone gets from range the auto-pilot begins and safely gets. If for any reason a person let go of the iphone 3gs or iPad screen, the drone also retreats into auto-pilot and hovers in position. Sweet!

The AR Drone methods it up even more by augmented reality (AR) video games. What this means is that a battle-like scene appears on your touchscreen display where you can interact with a man-made intelligence challenger or maybe a friend of yours that also has a Bird Drone. At this time Parrot features 3 programs to the video games Robot, Drone War and Duel. You be able to develop powerful hand/eye coordination while dogfighting, displaying missiles and escaping episodes while developing mental strategies to defeat your opponent whether artificial or human. Interestingly, the digital camera in front constantly watches for other AR Drones having a magnetic top shining example. Your drone can detect the enemy! It's also possible to place three dimensional tickets in the environment as well as your drone can see them since enemies allowing for one to create virtually endless game playing strategies.

Learning how to fly the Parrot AR Drone is easy with the aid of an accelerometer in your iPhone or even iPad. For example, angling the iPhone forward moves the drone forward. Leaning backwards leads to the drone to back up. And tilting side to side allows the drone to part. The touch screen boasts command keys that are easy to operate that allow the drone to go up, rotate and proceed downwards. Have no doubt which young individuals will always be fascinated with this drone however so will the elderly particularly if they are younger generation.