Is Munchkin a Good Child Bottle Brush?

After having three kids, We have tried so many different types of bottle brushes through the years. I find that one of the best searching for bottle brush bottle cleaner that I have ever employed is the Munchkin Newborn Bottle Brush.

It can be like having three things in one. Not only that you are able to thoroughly clear the bottle with it's sturdy bristles, it also has a small screw in nipple brush that you can use to wash the nipple or hard to reach modest edges of the package, which is great. Once you are done with the small nipple brush you can easily hide it in the bottom of the brush and on the opposite side of it is a suction cup on the bottom so it won't get lost. The suction cup makes it simple to stay in place on the sink until you require it. It is easier to grab a hold of the brush when it is time for you to wash the bottles.

The other brands of brushes I have applied are often flimsy and doesn't last that long. With the Munchkin Baby Bottle clean you can choose from various colors that contributes color to your kitchen area. The handle is sturdy and is molded perfectly which makes it simple to grab hold of and use. The nipple brush is well secret in the handle for easy storage. The suction cup sticks to the counter.

What more can you ask for. It really is perfect. I recommend this product, it will complete the job and the price is very inexpensive.