Benefits of Loading Files with an IRC /XDCC Client

Downloading files using XDCC is preferred by many due to its quickness and convenience. The things listed here are the benefits that you can enjoy from utilizing it:

Easy to Use

You only have to download mIRC and modify the settings. Looking for downloadable files in your preferred search engine is the next thing to do. You will then need to enter XDCC command in the area where chat messages are usually written.

Recently-Released Contents are Available

If you are seeking fresh contents of shows, movies and some other stuffs, then you are in the finest place.

Quicker Way of Downloading

Besides upgrading your internet connection, using IRC/XDCC client will let you download a movie in just few minutes. In the screenshot presented above, you can see how quick you can download. The speed of this download is several megabytes per second.

Privacy is Guaranteed than in File Sharing Networks

With file sharing networks, you can be connected to a lot of people. Nonetheless, your downloading activities are only viewed by a few people with IRC/XDCC. The network doesn’t perform strict surveillance to your actions unlike eDonkey and Bit Torrent.

It Is Costless

In this site, downloading files can be carried out in seconds. You may be suspicious about this, but it actually exists. Additionally, no pop outs will be found.

To get a hold of this new downloading experience, here are the things you should do.

Set Up mIPRC Before You Go on to XDCC Downloading

Numerous individuals all around the world has gained benefits from IRC for the past 20 years. Everyone wishes a quick download and this is made possible with this distribution channel.

Here are the steps that have to be followed in configuring your mIRC for XDCC download:

Install mIRC

You can acquire the free IRC client and run the installer through Simply click “continue” when the trial notice pop up.

How to Set up mIRC?

It is expected for you to be forwarded to the options, otherwise click the icon found on the top left screen. Some of the particulars you have to provide there are your nickname, alternative nickname, made up name and email address. Later on, visit IRC and be sure the box for “rejoin channel when kicked” is examined.

Click the “Auto-get file and if the file is present click, resume”; this option is available in the DCC. Keep in mind that you must only click those that you want to download. Click “Ignore” and opt for “Disabled” below the DCC. In addition, to be ready for the download, unselect the checkbox for “Turn ignore back on”.

You can search on the DCC-options, with regards to viewing your notifications. There is an option to flip the beeping sound off when file transfer is finished. You can perform the same for the “sounds” option if you want not to be disrupted by notification beeps.

When you go to the DCC-Folders, you can choose a folder where you can put all your downloads in. After editing the settings, clicking the “OK” button should be carried out next to save the changes.

Want to get a hold of those advantages? Now is the time to get going. Try it.