cost-effective v is 3.7 V, modified to Wh (tile) as the item of value is 22.3 Wh (6000 mah * 3.7 V)

    Continuous existing asking for, sent to the battery's existing decreasing from Nsec to reverse transformer on the v and existing of Naux also produces change, Naux result existing to the Vsense pin, Vsense schedule decides existing changes, and then improve the Npri transformer v, meizu mx5 specsso the result v of extra rings Nsec also raised, P = UI, according to the system to the energy of mobile phone Charger IC increases; Assures that when battery energy pack v near to 4.2 V, the efficiency of consistently from P = UI (5 V * little current) to P = UI (greater than 5 V v * little current) adjustment, observed the purpose for quick asking for of battery energy pack. 
   About the technique, we know there are not many, copied here from a nand gate/CSDN for PE idea of quick price technology resolution:
   For an variety energy, we believe that its prospective is 6000 mah, and cost-effective v is 3.7 V, modified to Wh (tile) as the item of value is 22.3 Wh (6000 mah * 3.7 V). Typical batterymeizu mx5 reviewcharger result v and existing is 5 v2a (10 w), ideally with battery energy pack needs to be 2.23 time (22.3 Wh / 10 w). Now we believe that the battery charger to alter the result v and existing of 10 v2a (20 w), so the same an variety energy needs 1.115 time (22.3 Wh / 20 w).
   MTK Force display USES is to reduce the ongoing existing asking for duration of quick price way; Due to the complete modulation functions of transformer, which is when the extra ringsmeizu mx5 price connected with the complete, the v and existing of the primary rings can produce change, Force display so the use of existing changes on VBUS to consistently change the ongoing existing level of the asking for v.