Funny Monkey Business Song

funny monkey and dogIf you have not yet had the opportunity check out the Gas Monkey Bar N' Grill (formerly Firewater), you should try to include it in your plans sometime soon. It is an awesome destination to party having its outdoor stage assuring with the art sound and lighting systems. Don't let the winter help you stay away - there are free standing heaters through the outdoor deck, and recently many experts have somewhat enclosed. If the weather does occur to turn too severe, there is a smaller indoor stage in which the show may be transferred to if required.

Ambrose Bierce's delightfully sardonic take a look at human instinct, Oscar Levant's biting witticisms, Will Rogers' earthy anecdotes and folksy style, Mark Twain's insightful satire and humor, Oscar Wilde's mocking wit, and P. G. Wodehouse's light hearted charm all in their own unique ways stand the test of your time. Want proof? Okay, try reading these quotes without having to break in a smile.

In the 1st year of marriage, the man speaks as well as the woman listens. In the 2nd year, the lady speaks and the person listens. In the 3rd year, both of them speak as well as the neighbors listen. A man tells his wife that the man is like a fine wine; he always gets better as we grow older. The next day, she locks him inside wine cellar.

The cameras started rolling once Timothy revealed himself to Audrey behind the glass windows in the restaurant, waving to his girlfriend and starting up by providing strength to a poster board which read 'HI SHORTY'. From there came a Socially Awkward Penguin meme as well as some others with sweet phrases peppered among.

If you've not witnessed the main selling mask, prepare for the infamous Accouterments Horse Head Mask. It's funny, it's certainly creepy plus it draws laughs and crowds each time you slip one thing over your head. As the manufacturer states, '??"!we've discovered yet another universal truth - a person wearing a