Clothes to Wear for a Family Portrait Shoot


Colours can be a big concern when we talk about photo shoots. There are certain color combinations that can make a picture look impressive or terrible. Same is true to family photo shoots. Colors and other elements can make a family portrait either amazing or not.

Selecting the suitable clothes to don is necessary in producing excellent family shots. The outfits that each family member dons should not be too radiant and should not catch too much attention. Bear in mind that the major subjects here are the people and not the clothes. The family ought to make a decision on what color/s to wear. If you mutually select blue, then each must put on a shade of blue.


A portrait photographer should give tips and ideas to the family on what colors to select or what kind of clothing are best to put on in a family portrait. The problem now is that there are some professional photographers who don’t give any support or ideas to the family. There are others who are hesitant to give recommendations for fear that the family may get offended.


Now, the question is, “what clothing should we really wear for a family portrait shoot?”


Here are some of the suggestions to help you choose the proper clothes to don on your family photo shoot.


1.)    Different shades of a single color
The whole family should make a decision on what color or colors to wear. If you decide on 1 color, then have everyone wear that color - doesn’t matter if the shade is dark or light.


2.)    Choose 2 or 3 colors
You can also opt to have 2 or 3 colors. Assign some to put on one color, another group will wear the second chosen color and so on. If possible, have an equal number of persons wear the same color so there’ll be a balance of colors.


3.)    Absolutely no large prints or too bright shirts
Avoid wearing clothes that are too bright or have too large prints. It won’t look good in the pictures.


As a professional portrait photographer, it is important for you to know how to shoot or make images look more creative, exceptional and worth treasuring. Family portraits are very important for your client and the whole family so it is important that you do your best in making the pictures worth keeping. You need to be able to get the shots that they expect. Customer’s satisfaction ought to be one of your primary considerations because satisfied customers can help you be successful in the particular field of photography.