HOW-TO FEED Within Just 5 Minutes.. and Set Up Your Own Weblog.

HOW-TO FEED Within Just 5 Minutes.. and Set Up Your Own Weblog.

I have a quick question to ask you... 'do you know How-To create your own BLOG and RSS-FEED so you Too can take advantage of all the benefits Blogs and RSS( Real Simple Syndication) need to provide you and your business'?

Your one of many, If you answered NO.

I did not either at one time, but that didn't stop me from finding out How-To on my own.

So basically, what I'm trying to say is by the time you finish reading this informative article you'll be a master at establishing your own Blogs and RSS Feeds in a matter-of minutes by simply following my simple 'Detailed' instructions below. Identify further on our affiliated link by clicking the

With that said, Buckle Up, set your thinking cap on, get yourself a beverage and prepare to learn...

'HOW-TO Setup Your Own BLOG and RSS Feed In Under 5 Minutes...'

Know lets head to Step # 1.

Stage no 1. Get set-up an account with

That is most likely the easiest section of all, which will be just setting up an account at

Go there right-now. It will take you to's homepage.

Once there, you'll see an orange arrow pointing to the right that says...'Create Your Blog Now.'.. Select it.

That is Step no 1.

Stage number 2. Creating your account with Discover more on the affiliated article directory by visiting

In case you thought Step #1 was easy than Step #2 is a wind.

Just pick a Username and Password that you'll remember followed closely by your Email Address.( You do not have to use your primary email tackle, you can use a Free web-based email account like Hotmail or Yahoo! If you want. Your choice.)

Then check the box that says 'I acknowledge the Terms of Service.'

Now continue by hitting the arrow that says... 'Continue.'

That's Step # 2.

Step no 3. Naming your Blog.( Really IMPORTANT!)

Now, based on what your Site is all about your going to need to use your target 'Key-words' within the name of one's Blog, its information and the URL.