Classic Burberry scarf mainly taken three components and materials

Classic Burberry scarf mainly taken three components and materials

Speaking of Burberry classic British brand of this century, most people's minds the image is: Plaid, coat and scarf. Cold winter scarf is an indispensable warm clergyman, is the cold season in fashion dress! Classic Burberry scarf mainly taken three components and materials:

1. <strong><a href="">burberry cashmere scarf</a></strong>
burberry scarves production on an old textile mill England, Scotland Elgin, started business since 1797, more than 210 years of Scottish wool production experience. Every one of burberry scarves have been handmade modification, after about 30 times the inspection, <strong><a href="">burberry cashmere scarf</a></strong> confirm one hundred percent perfect, the store will be sent to the sales, quality and adhere to every detail, creating a top British fashion brand Burberry does not fall position.

2. <strong><a href="">burberry silk scarves</a></strong>
<strong><a href="">burberry silk scarves</a></strong> with the highest quality, adhere to use only the most expensive silky yarn. All production of silk scarves are famous Como, Italy production, and emphasized pure silk hand production methods screen printing is a traditional and very expensive process, this traditional technology ensures smooth color rich and deep dyeing effect and flawless sense of light. Of course, as technology advances, silk scarves burberry now be using advanced digital printing, in addition to the creation of more complex design, the use of color is also wider extent. Through after dyeing, scarves will become more rigid, and therefore must be washed with Como  natural spring water, make sure to mention the natural softness of silk leads.

3. <strong><a href="">burberry silk scarves</a></strong> and wool blend scarf
Especially for lightweight crepe folded cashmere wool, silk mix ingredients added to allow more flexibility scarf smooth, especially for travel or cooler season wear, creating casual British style.

Almost a street neck beige plaid Scottish style burberry scarves everyone, if not the meter's not called Huang Gezi scarves, not 100% Cashmere wool ingredient enclosed will not warm. Burberry counters too expensive, more than economic allowable range, but we can buy cheap burberry scarves replica went to meet about yourself.

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