Care Tips:Cleaning and Maintaining Your Kitchen Countertops in Daily Life

Cleaning and Maintaining you kitchen countertops is one vital thing for each homeowner in daily life. Especially as natural stone gets more and more popular in home remodels and public buildings, ‘how to care my granite countertops, marble countertops’ has been a confusion for many housewives. Stone countertops bring us lots of benefits for each piece is unique in color, veining and markings. Following I will share you some good tips to clean and care your kitchen countertops made of natural stone.

Clean out the liquid especially the chemical spills at once. Natural stone has the ability to absorb liquids for it is porous to some extent. Paying more attention to the acid substance that is really harmful to natural stone.

Remember to wipe down the solid surface regularly, for any dust, dirt, and even the smoke can leave a hazy film on the surface. So clean it everyday to prevent your polished surface blurred.

Using the pad when you putting glasses cup and some other cookers on countertops, to make sure no acid drinks are dripping into granite countertops.

Keeping away from some cleaners and chemicals, such as bleach and ammonia, for chemicals will penetrate the porous top and change the makeup of polished surface, leaving a white haze.

The best way to keep your natural stone surface in new condition is prevention and maintenance. Simply you should use a good quality stone cleaner and conditioner, which will guarantee that your countertops will not hurt during the cleaning processing.

Although most kitchen countertops are resistant to high heat, you should not place a hot pot on the surface directly. Although your countertops is high quality and durable, prevention is also the key, just use a trivet and holder under the hot cooker.

All in all, it is necessary for you to spend some time caring your kitchen countertops in daily life. If you want to get latest kitchen countertop material and design, welcome to contact LEADSTONEUSA.