Table Isotherm parameters obtained for biosorption of

Table 1.
Isotherm parameters obtained for biosorption of Hg2+.Isotherm modelS. glaucescensG. corticataLangmuirQm (mg/g)147.05−4.71b (L/mg)4.4 × 10−3−9.12 × 10−3R20.1370.4386Freundlich6/n0.91113.5039Kf (mg/g)(L/mg)1/n0.773.33 × 10−6R20.9350.7371Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
2.6.2. Freundlich adsorption model
The Freundlich (1906) model habitually gives BIBR 953 better fit for adsorption from liquids and can be expressed asequation(2)qe=KfCe1/nIn tertiary structure model, the rate of adsorption is of the constants 1/n and Kf (L/g). For a good absorbent, 0.2 < 1/n < 0.8, and a smaller value of 1/n shows better adsorption and formation of a rather strong bond between the adsorbate and the absorbent. Many researchers have used this model to interpret this sorption data for various systems ( Padmesh et al., 2006, Kundu and Gupta, 2006, Golder et al., 2006 and Ho and McKay, 1999).