Samsung Galaxy S6 : Vibrant and Sharp

As one of the best screens we’ve ever seen on a mobile phone, the 5.1-inch Samsung Galaxy S6 LCD screen on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is truly brilliant. Only the LG G4 and Galaxy Note 4 can match it for sharpness, but the Super AMOLED panel on the S6 is cut above in every other respect.
Compared to most LCD-screened phones the Samsung Galaxy S6’s LCD screen is more vibrant, though Full HD (1080p) screens look just as sharp unless you start looking at the screen from a couple of inches away. The S5’s screen is just as vibrant as the S6, but the S6 produces cleaner, more natural whites. Whites look slightly blue on the S5, while the S6 looks closer to the iPhone 6, which is the best in this department.
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