Our Services

Yeshimareg Management Consultancy and Training(YMCT) provides the following services to individuals, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), Civil Society Organizations, International Organizations and business organizations or companies.

  • Trainings, seminars and workshops on various topics

We offer comprehensive Trainings, workshops and seminars specializing in multiple disciplines and covering all primary areas. We are experts at making training effective, entertaining, memorable, Participatory and connected to real-world issues.  Moreover, our training and consulting team consists of top talent trainers, facilitators and consultants whose focus is to provide the best live training classes and workshops and transformational coaching and consulting in the industry.

All training packages are specially developed by professional facilitators. Furthermore, our Training packages are regularly reviewed and developed to provide our trainees with the needed knowledge, skills, and attitudes on the basis of the most current management practices, techniques, and methods.