One Million Reasons To Love

One million hearts full of love? That’s the aim with the new interactive experience from The Letters of Gratitude authors Rob and Jacq. Beginning a chain reaction of love and positive change Rob and Jacq have created The Book of Love and they are giving away one million copies via free digital download in the next ninety days.

Too often in the world today happiness and love are taken over by sadness and negativity, The Book of Love will help to create an understanding that this is not how things are supposed to be! Love is the easiest gift we can give ourselves and the world around us.

The Book of Love has four components; self love, receive love, give love and the language of love. Each section is structured with guides and exercises to help you see love in a better way, a way which has the potential to bring the world closer together. As well as being eye opening the tests and challenges will allow you to see measurable results when you follow the instructions and take your own voyage of self discovery.

The Book of Love will help you to see how loving yourself, giving love to others and being able to receive love by being receptive to other people’s positive feelings for you all come together to make both your life and the world you inhabit into a better place.

All of this is boosted with real-life personal letters and quotes from people around the world to inspire and motivate you. The progression of the articles, letters and mantras form a journal for you to take an individual journey and see your progress as you go. This book is not a passive read but a voyage into creativity, courage and inspiration. From self realisation, appreciation and expression The Book of Love invites you to create, receive and express love from within.

Free digital downloads of The Book of Love are now available ( Become one of a million people who are becoming more loving and better able to be loved over the next ninety days. As the word spreads from here who knows how greatly the world will be changed for the better as a result!

See what you can do for yourself to become a better and happier person? How will this make life better for everyone in the world around you? Time to find out, this is the era of love.