The correct selection of frequency converter of the three must-see indicators

Renda Group frequency converter ups power supply is a famous brand’s professional manufacturer, has 13 yearsof development, the correct selection of production experience, power inverterfor the normal operation of machinery and equipment electrical control systemis critical article from the installation environment, load characteristics andload torque characteristic variable frequency drive three major aspectsto explain the correct selection of the three inverter power supply must-see indicators.

Select frequency converter, first according to the type of machinery and equipment, the loadtorque characteristics, speed range, static speed precision, starting torqueand use of environmental requirements, which then decided to use variablefrequency power supply control and protection structure most appropriate. Theso-called combined under actual process machinery and equipment to meetproduction requirements and use the occasion of the premise, to achieve the best cost-frequency power applications. First, selectthe protective structure according to the installation environment variable frequency power supply.Power inverter protective structure to adapt to its installation environment, it is necessaryto consider the environmental temperature, humidity, dust, pH, corrosive gasesand other factors, which could power inverter long-term, safe and reliableoperation at stake. Most variable frequency power supply manufacturers toprovide the following common protective structure for users to choose: (1) Open IP00,which protects the body from the front, not touch the live part of the variablefrequency power supply inside, suitable for installation in a cabinet orelectrical room screens, plates, shelves, especially in more than one frequencypower concentrated use of more good, but it requires a higher installationenvironment.

(2) closed IP20,IP21, power inverter such structures all around protection cover can bewall-mounted in the wall of the building, which applies to most of the indoorinstallation environment.

(3) ahermetically sealed IP40, IP42, it is suitable for industrial fieldenvironments disadvantaged situations.