Top 5 Apple Products - Iphone 4, Macbook Pro, Ipad 2, Macbook Air, Ipod Touch 4

Introduction to Using an iPad for University LecturesHopefully after reviewing some of the following potential 'advantages and disadvantages for utilizing an Apple iPad for university lectures', it'll aid you in deciding (particularly for freshers - 'first years' at university who're new to higher education and lecture-style teaching) what medium and platform of note taking best suits you in a university lecture - and help you ultimately to produce one of the most efficient form of notes within the university lecture. (Remember: there is no shame in utilizing just good old fashioned 'pen and paper'). A friend had bought the iPad 2 for his wife, and his awesome wife couldn't begin to see the point of it, either, therefore she sent hers to me. (Remember: there's no shame in using just traditional fashioned 'pen and paper').

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