The sea

The sea

 I have loved to swim in the storm since my early childhood. I have always been attracted to the raging sea, liked to listen to the waves hitting the beach, watch the splashes of sea foam and smell the sea salt. Even when I was not swimming, I have loved to watch the sea in the storm standing on the pier.

This love nearly cost me my life. One summer my family went to the sea. We were enjoying our vacation at the seaside: I was amazed with the beauty of the sea, its clear and beautifully colored water. There was a storm at the sea on the day the terrible incident happened to me. Wave heights reached more than 15 feet in some places. In such a storm it is really difficult to enter the water because of the waves, which throw you to the shore.

Somehow that day I managed to pass the difficult area and found myself in the area of the outflow. However, there was one important fact, which I did not fully take into account: any rowing motion in the area of the outflow removes you from the shore much more quickly than you expect, and the sea pulls you into the zone of the outflow. The stronger the storm the greater the area of the outflow and the more intensely you can be distanced from the shore. I was not aware of this fact and when I discovered that I was far from the shore, it was too late. I turned around to face the shore and began to swim back. At the same time, I noticed that the storm intensified. The current was strong and the water was extremely cold. Chilling wind blew in my face. Somehow swimming turned from a pleasant activity into a survival for me.

After swimming for a little while, I realized that I was losing strength and I was not able to swim any more. I began to swallow salt water. Despite the fact that my brain was working wonderfully and I had a clear perception of the situation in my mind, my arms and legs disobeyed the orders of my brain.

I had never felt such a horror, such a deadly fear, which seized every cell of my body in my entire life. I did not remember what I did afterwards: maybe I rowed like mad to reach the shore. I lost orientation probably even earlier than I realized it. I remember the pressure which I felt. Then the fear and horror suddenly passed, probably because of the adrenaline rush, which dulls all the senses before the death. After that the apathy came. I saw my life flash before my eyes, and it seemed to be so beautiful and light. When I began to unclench my lips, yielding to the instinct of my lungs, which needed the air, my head was still above the water and I did not lost the hope to survive. Though, taking into the consideration the wave height and the distance from shore, my chances of survival were zero. I became really worried not about myself but, first of all, about my family. I wondered how they would survive my death.

It seemed like the end. But then, suddenly, the wave pushed me really far and I found myself lying on the beach. Few minutes I laid lifeless on the pebble-stone. By the time I regained consciousness, my parents came. The moment I saw my crying mother and frightened father, I realized how much I love them. This incident changed my attitude and perception of life dramatically. I really began to appreciate every moment in life and take care of my nearest and dearest. I realized that we should not forget that life is given only once and we could lose it at any moment.

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