Consider What Type Of Material You Will Need

Considering re-paving your driveway in West Chester? The first thing to think about is the type of paving you'll use for paving.

The two most common materials for paving driveways are asphalt and concrete. There are pros and cons to each medium, so you'll want to examine each option before making a definite decision.

Many pavers use asphalt in West Chester to pave driveways because it is normally a less expensive choice. Asphalt is made from crude oil mixed with rock and sediment and can save you half the cost of concrete of the same amount.

Concrete and asphalt both resist rain, however ice and snow always melt more quickly on an asphalt surface since it is darker in color. Asphalt driveways need a bit more maintenance than concrete driveways do. For instance, asphalt surfaces will require resealing every 3 years or so under regular conditions. This will add more expense to building your driveway, in time or in hiring someone to do the resealing.

However, concrete can perform well for twenty to sixty years, while asphalt driveways of similar size need replacement in ten to thirty years.

No matter if you opt for asphalt or concrete, driveway installation is not a simple job to undertake on your own. You would be advised to seek the help of an experienced paver to help with a job of this magnitude. You'll find more than a few paving companies willing to build driveways in West Chester that have the experience and the equipment to complete the job quickly and easily.

Try searching Google for paving contractors West Chester to find local contractors where you live.

Try to find a residential paving company who concentrates specifically on driveway installation. And be certain to get answers to any concerns you think of, no matter how trivial they may seem to you. Be certain to get a written estimate and price out both asphalt and concrete materials.Ask your paver to explain the pros and cons and of both materials and obtain their help in determining what option might be best for your situation.