Why Having Teeth Whitening Procedures Done By A Professional Dentist Is Always The Best Route To Take

If dentists were to ask their patients whether they desired a bright smile, most of them would probably answer "yes". While nearly everyone wants white teeth, the fact remains that it can be very difficult to achieve and maintain this goal. Due to dark colored foods and beverages or lifestyle habits like smoking, darkening or yellowing of the teeth is fairly common. When this happens, patients often seek out ways to whiten their teeth. For many people, this means purchasing a grocery store whitening kit. While these things can be helpful, it's always a better idea to visit a pediatric dental specialists for teeth whitening procedures instead. Although patients may think that they are saving money with store-bought whitening kits, here are three ways that not seeing a dentist for teeth whitening could actually be costing them:

Many dental patients don't realize that it's possible that they may not even be a candidate for teeth whitening. Patients who are currently battling active gum disease or serious tooth decay and enamel loss should probably stay away from teeth whitening treatments. This is because the whitening solutions used to break apart the stains on the teeth could actually cause sensitivity and pain in these patients because of the fragile state of their teeth. In some cases, the stains may be too deep to remove with whitening. If this is the case, a Dentist Plantation will be able to recommend other options to help brighten the smile instead of allowing the patient to waste their time and money.

Opting for professional teeth whitening means that patients get to take advantage of a custom solution created just for them. Instead of wearing standardized whitening trays that may not fit well on the teeth, a Plantation Dentist will be able to provide the patient with custom-fit trays that will be more comfortable to wear and provide better, more even whitening. Because this type of customization is not an option with store-bought kits, patients are better off going the professional route.

Professional teeth whitening procedures are simply more efficient and effective than other store-bought options. This is because the hydrogen peroxide solution that the dentist has access to is much stronger than anything that a patient could find in an over-the-counter solution. Because it's much stronger, it will work better to break apart the stains and whiten the yellow spots on the teeth. Not only does this save a great deal of time for the patient (since they will see results in one visit instead of waiting weeks or months), but it also saves them from having to purchase lot after kit in hopes of getting the results they want.

Dealing with a less-than-perfect smile can be difficult, but there is hope with professional help. Get in contact with a Dentist Plantation FL to learn more about why professional whitening is a patient's best bet for achieving their best and brightest smile.