Specifics about Breast Enlargement Surgery

Many women think their breasts are not living up to their full potential. Older women may have seen their breasts sag while younger women who have had multiple childbirths may see the same. How can you determine what is best for you? The first place to start is by scheduling a consult with best plastic surgeons in miami.

Do breast implants cause cancer? It is proven scientifically that implants do not trigger this type of disease or autoimmune diseases with no confirmed relationship. So far, all studies show that patients who have implants are less likely to have cancer. You understand that this is not due to the prosthesis. Simply, when a patient requests a placed prosthesis, plastic surgeons in miami perform studies and checks to see that the breasts are healthy.

If the breasts “fall”, are implants a good option? Many plastic surgeons Miami will tell their patients that implants add volume, but do not lift or hold the breast. The proper procedure to lift sagging breasts is through a mastopexy, which removes excess skin and rearranges the area. Implants are used only if, in addition to lifting the breast, you wish to add volume. A patient may have sagging breasts and have breast hypertrophy, excessive mammary glands, and if that’s the case, the surgeon must reduce and lift the breast. There are patients that will see a reduction in breast size and an increase in lift after breastfeeding. These patients are favored with the placement of implants because they add volume and, in turn, lift the breasts up.

Is it possible that breasts remain closer together? Anatomically speaking, breasts are generally located outside the sternum. Therefore, there must be a space of 2 or 3 centimeters between the two. In most cases, each plastic surgeon miami will use the distance between the midline and the nipple as the main parameter to form the surgery. This must be between 8 and 10 centimeters in length, according to the width of the chest and body. The position of the breast while the person is standing without clothing must still be evaluated. In this position, it is not normal that they are together. With a bra, however, it can be influenced in this way.

There are patients who have areolas that look outwards along with separation in the middle. For these people, placing very large implants is not always an advisable option. There are patients who have no breast build that have small implants placed and end up having the perfect breasts. Everything depends on the glandular body of the patient and the plastic surgeons miami performing the surgery.