How to Clean Sponge Filtration system the Right Way

No one can reject how important seafood tank filters are to an aquarium set up. Without them, the fish and other aquatic existence would not love a Learn More Here…. clean and healthy environment which is just right to have and breed in. Along with a heater, they form a complete process that replicates the environment that the fish originated from as close as humanly possible.

But that may be as long as they are in very good working condition. Should it be dirty, one of the things which can cause a filter never to function to its highest capacity is. A filter that is unclean will eventually get clogged and therefore not let a good flow of water to pass through its filter media.

Probably the one filter variety that is most ignored by many fish breeders is the Click Here…. sponge filtration. Generally considered a secondary filter and used mainly like a backup, sponge filter systems are in fact quite productive, providing excellent mechanized filtration as well as biological. They do need to be cleaned because mechanized filtration will trap large debris and waste in the sponge, however.

No matter what type of filter you will be cleaning, other than just receiving the filter media unclogged, you must also do this without killing away beneficial bacteria colonies that inhabit the filter media. For that reason, never ever clean your sponge filtering with direct faucet water. The chlorine inside the tap water is meant to get rid of any microrganisms and using it on the sponge will immediately destroy all bacterial colonies that you took such a long time to cultivate.

The right way to clean the sponge is by using the tank water that it originated from. How you do this is as simple as arranging for your filtration system cleaning to coincide with your water modify. After you have siphoned out some of the water from the fish tank, apply it to wash the sponge in. The colonies of bacteria is definitely not killed, by performing it this way.

You do not have to scrub the sponge when cleaning it. Too much scrubbing will spoil the external layer of the sponge and over time will reduce its purification capabilities. All you need to do is squeeze it a few times in the water to take out any large debris that might be lodged on it. Then swirl it around the water a little to rid it off any trash that might still be clinging.It really isn't necessary to clean a sponge filter more than once on a monthly basis.

If your filters tend to get clogged a little too a lot, you would need to figure out the reason behind this happening due to the fact it could be affecting the healthiness of the fish. Both main reasons why they could be clogged is from extra food and seafood waste. You might be feeding the fish a little too much and you need to reduce the feeding so the excess food will not raise the nitrate amounts in the tank when it is due to excess foods.

You might have too many species of fish for the volume of your aquarium to support and you should think about getting a larger tank or simply decreasing the quantity of fish you have in that aquarium if however it is due to an excessive amount of fish waste.

These are the proper ways to make sure that your sponge filtration is cleaned and cared for properly. Your aquarium tank will always be healthy and clean and at the same time make sure that your sponge filter functionality effectively for a long time in the future, by following these effective cleaning methods.