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Solar Power Generating Plant

More recently electrical power is most important our daily life without electricity we can't imagine existing world, new planet introduces most feed in tariff malaysia technologies and tecocropintroduces new solar power energy. tecocropmanufacturer of solar element and panels supplier to megawatt energy projects.

Solar energy converts sunlight or solar energy radiation into electric power. Two common sorts of solar energy are photovoltaic panels (PV), that happen to be semiconductors that straight generate electricity, and solar thermal vegetation, which use the sunlight to create steam to change a turbine.

Solar Power Generation:

Solar PV grid connected Energy Plant.

Power herb capacity: 1MW, 3phase

Total Project charge: INR 7.4 CRORES Project charge includes Supply of fabric Installation Commissioning.

1MW Solar power plant creates17 and 76,000 UNITS (kWh) per year Considering 5.5 sunshine hrs & 300 energy generation days.

1MWConsidering energy selling cost Rs 6.49 per UNIT (Approx.) Returns installing SPP and selling to AP Transco:

Offering Power to 3rd Party PPA & REC Process Considering energy selling cost Rs 5.49 per System (Approx.) Returns the installation of SPP and selling to AP Transco:

REC Mechanism suitable for Solar Power Plants and flowers for sale of potential through Bi-Lateral Contracts ( Selling at Mutually Decided Price) For every 1000 UNITS generated 1 1REC certificate 17,76,000 UNITS = 17,76,000 /1000=1776 REC Certificates Floor cost for 1 official document Rs.9300 & forbidden price Rs. 13,300 Thinking of (appx) 9300 traded for 1 REC certificate 1776 By 9300 =1636800

By installing solar power plant 80Percent of the plant charge can be deducted through the total profit for tax exemption

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tecocropCOMPANY Account

tecocrop& Infrastructures PVT. LTD. is undoubtedly an Indian Associate for Linksun Manufacturer of Solar

Photovoltaic Panels machinery based in China

We are a Group of Technocrats and management professionals having business connection with over

10 years, at present specialized in production of High quality sun power malaysia Individual panels and exporting to

more than 20 countries and are recognized provider in Solar Market.

tecocropis an ISO 9001: 2008 licensed supply and company Turnkey solution for Solar powered PV

Power assignments. It experienced and possesses team of technical engineers and professionals effective at

providing best solution from concept to commissioning.

tecocropalso provides custom-made solution matching necessity of customer in

Solar photovoltaic. Out team have many years' experience in driving good quality & reliability of

solar power project system and components for reputable power generation.

We think in using best in class components, highly trained staff to have the best

high quality workmanship, and finally focus on providing the right value point for our buyer

Project cost includes

Supply of material



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1 mw solar power plant venture

1 mw solar technology plant project record

1 mwTecocorp panel is the site we sell products from solar panels 3 watt to solar panels 300 watt.customer satisfaction is our main moto as if now we sell 3000 items from last2months and that we got 100% satisfaction from our customers. solar technology plant cost

Tecocorp panel is the web site we sell products from solar panels 3 watt to solar power panels 300 watt.customer care is our primary moto as if now we sell 3000 products from last2months and we got completely satisfaction from our customers.

1 mw project cost for solar power herb