Eupec Infineon BSM20GP60 IGBT Module

Want to have your own BSM20GP60? Visit and let’s talk about how you can enhance your induction heaters!


BSM20GP60 is a perfect IGBT module for all your induction heaters! With a weight of only 2.20 lbs and a power to generate a collector current of 20A and collector emitter voltage of 600V, BSM20GP60 guarantees high efficiency, fast switching and convenience of usage.


With the fast switching attribute of BSM20GP60, this module is perfectly designed for industrial and construction settings where work output is vital. But it has more amazing features which cannot be seen on typical semiconductors!


BSM20GP60 ensures users of its low switching losses and saturation voltage features. With this characteristic, the power it provides to induction heaters will not depreciate that easily. Most importantly, it is equipped with IGBT4 Trench with Field Stop which makes its power to improve induction heaters truly state-of-the-art.