How to identify the quality of metal keychain?

Keychain accounts for a large proportion in jewelry, promotional category, gift category, each with at least eight in ten people wear metal key ring bought from China crafts suppliers because metal key ring of practicality, convenience, advertising effectiveness by welcome to the masses.


However, for a metal key ring, for the trouble of what is good or bad, I think very few people can understand, and explain the following metal keychain determine good or bad quality. In general, manufacturers custom keychain metal keychain is priced in accordance with the procedure, the more complicated the process, the better the price, the higher raw material, metal key products are generally zinc alloy die-casting, zinc alloy die-casting the middle of a line, the first product to check whether the two lines coincide and you will find it if you go to buy salable and personalized keychain. If there is dislocation, it is extremely low quality, even if there will be no dislocation batch front, can only be thrown into the outside during polishing products, there are some dead polishing is no way that this can only rely on manually scraped batch front, hand-scraped approved front and not polished so smooth, if approved front blew bad back after plating product line will not smooth.


This is just as you identify the quality of customized commemorative coins in China. Of course, we can share the different opinions if we hold the various ideas about how to identify the quality of metal keychain.