Highway indicators led show setup specifications

So as to regulate highway led show settings to ensure security led display, formulated the following specifications:


 First, both sides in the highway led show unified,(variable message sign) single-column T-sided tower led show, led show Tapai surface 6 meters high, 18 meters extended, led show the total height on the tower is just not extra than 18 meters, led Show cards post center far more than 12 meters in the highway fence.


 Two, led display tower foundation specifications and materials


 1, foundation pit dimensions: horizontal 3 m ?? 4 m ?? longitudinal 4 meters deep, 10 cm base above ground level, total height 4.1 m basis.


 two, foundation and steel cage material: anchor bolt diameter of 55mm round, length four.2m hook; cages of 12mm rebar and welded firmly with foundation bolts(EN12966), cage and pit wall spaced not more than 20cm, fixedly corner 10mm thick steel bolts using the same size along with the lower flange; C25 commercial concrete employing concrete unity, can not live on their own agitation.


 three, Column utilizing spiral, length will not exceed 12m, diameter 1220mm, wall thickness of 12mm, you'll need docking, use external flange connection form.


 four, beams employing spiral, diameter 529mm, wall thickness of 8mm, length 17.8m, have to have docking, to work with the outer flange connection form.


 five, the flange 2, thickness 20mm; lower flange thickness of 30mm, an outer diameter of 1800mm; the vertical flange asked to use the whole plate, not permitted stitching.


 6, the prime and bottom frame and vertical bracket working with the 12 # I-beam, the beam 16 # I-beam, led show license plate surface with 5 # angle brackets, fixing the board bracket eight # channel, all beam the connection point have to be added angle bars, led display card surface utilizing 0.7mm galvanized sheet riveted.


 7, the beam diameter of 529 to utilize two 20 ?? 800 ?? 800mm steel help with 20 column diameter and also the thickness on the flange connection 1220.


 Third, the construction and acceptance:


 1, led display tower prior to construction have to inform my unit, my unit sent persons in the test material, cement-based settings, Tapai hoisting processes to monitor, and after the completion of on-site inspection is often put into use.


 2, all raw materials including concrete, steel, welding rod, galvanized and paint have to possess a certificate, material orders, re-inspection reports and inspection reports to meet the design and style requirements and specifications and acceptance criteria(speed limit sign ).