Samsung generally uses tiny -- but tight -- clasps to hold rear shells in place

Samsung generally uses tiny -- but tight -- clasps to hold rear shells in place. In the Grand Prime’s case, they are extremely fussy. I found it impossible to get all the clasps to snap shut, leaving ugly gaps along the side edges. The battery itself is swappable and must be removed in meizu mx4 pro review order to access the SIM and memory card ports, which are buried next to it.
I can’t say there’s anything unique or compelling about the Grand Prime’s design, but it is a functional phone that looks like it cost a bit more than its $180 price tag.The materials are about what you might expect from Samsung.Aside from the glass face, the Grand Prime is formed by plastics.The side edges may look like metal, but they’re polycarbonate.The back surface is glossy plastic that just barely manages to avoid feeling cheap.The build quality is decent, but not the best I’ve seen.The rear cover, for example, didn’t fit the phone very well and was difficult to press on entirely.As noted, the chamfered chrome edges rim the display and also form a rather big lip to protect the screen.
I found the lip dug into my palms at times. Several sensors and the user-facing camera stand out starkly from the white plastic above the screen. The bezels are a bit thick, in my opinion. There’s plenty of space below the screen for the physical home button and capacitive buttons to either side. All three keys work well; the home button offered great travel and feedback.You’ll find the volume toggle on the left edge of the phone closer to the top.
It’s a slim button and it doesn’t have any nubs or other physical indicators to let you know where your thumb is.Travel and feedback of this key is rather mushy.I was more pleased with the screen lock button, on the right side.The button could be a bit bigger and easier to find, but it worked well.  
If you want to plug in some headphones, the jack is on top; if you want to plug in a USB cable, the port is on the bottom.The rear cover is a serious chore to pull off and replace.