Factors to Consider When Planning Your Beach Wedding


Wedding ceremony by the beach is a really romantic wedding setup that a great many couples would want to have. But then, not all who picked a beach wedding were able to go after it. Some of those who pushed through with a beach wedding were not able to arrange it effectively. There are many elements to think about before finally setting up your mind to having a beach wedding.

If you’re getting married soon and you’re contemplating of having a beach wedding, we have tips to help you plan for this intimate wedding setup.


1.    Secure a permit if necessary


If you’re setting up to hold the ceremony on a public beach, you need to obtain a permit from the local government. For weddings on a private resort, a local permit is not essential.


2.    Give all necessary information to the guests


Make sure to notify your attendees that the wedding ceremony will be on the beach and that they should dress appropriately. You can suggest for them to use sandals or flip-flops in preference to high heels. Tell them also to bring a hat, sunglasses, cover and sunscreen if your wedding will take place on mid-day. The best time though is at sundown so if possible pick to have your wedding  late afternoon.


3.    Check the weather and prepare for the worst.


Dependent on on what time of year your wedding will occur, you need to be geared up for any weather crisis. You can setup some tents or have several umbrellas ready. Speak with your wedding manager into having an area where guests can brush off sand from their feet if they want. Don’t forget also the beverages particularly if the weather is inviting.


4.    Add a flooring


Set carpet or a flooring on top of the sand so the seating  will not submerge in and it will be much easier for the guest to walk.


5.    Wear a cool, light wedding dress.


Bride should select a light wedding dress so she will feel comfortable during the outdoor wedding ceremony. Groom should also wear light fabric clothing. For the hair, you can let it free but make sure to add some pins or hair accessories at the front part to keep hair from covering your face.


A beach wedding is a relaxing, intimate and unique moment. Make it successful and significant by organizing everything. Ask help from your wedding coordinator to reduce the pressure on you.