Experiments SPS Table nbsp Summary of process parameters for produced

The SPS apparatus has a maximum voltage of 15 V and a maximum current of 5500 A. The current is a pulsed DC current with a pulse duration of 3.3 ms. The apparatus is run in the pulse sequence of “12:2”, as recommended by the manufacturer, meaning that Doxorubicin 12 consecutive pulses are followed by 2 periods of rest. The apparatus is described in more detail in reference [31] and the geometry of its central parts can be seen in Fig. 12, in connection to the simulations described in paragraph.
3.2. Characterization
The particle size of the 1 h ball-milled powder was investigated using a SHIMADZU SALD-2101 apparatus. The result was obtained as normalized particle amount vs. particle diameter in a semi-logarithmic diagram.
The phases of the samples were analyzed by a PANalytical X'pert PRO XRD-apparatus, using Cu Kα radiation with λ = 0.15406 nm. In order to evaluate the crystallite size, peak broadening of the XRD patterns and Scherrer’s equation, Eq. (1), were used.equation(1)D=0.9λ/(β.Cosθ)D=0.9λ/β.Cosθ