Maintenance of canvas bag

It is a common thing for girls having one or more canvas bag. However, they would drop them once they think these canvas bags dirty or not good-looking. Like wholesale supplier of bag in China says that we should get the maintenance of canvas bag which will save our money.


First, washing is an essential thing for a bag. Clean water or a small amount of liquid detergent soap powder and gently knead and wash, if stubborn stains can be gently scrub with a soft brush, avoid prolonged soaking wet leather part avoided. Meanwhile, drying is another factor, especially for China high-grade canvas printing bag. Please turn the bag inside out when drying upside down to dry; it is conducive to maintaining the original package shape. Avoid direct sunlight, air-dried or dried in the most ideal way. Finally, storage is a step we cannot forget. When not in use for a long time, please store in a cool dry place, avoid stress, prevent moisture or from bending deformation.


With meticulous care and maintenance, your favorite canvas bag will be more in back feeling. If you have the bag buying from China traditional embroidery bags wholesale, I think you should have a look at this article.