Our unique approach towards the dream of Digital India

In some of our previous blog posts, you might have read many things about web design, web development, SEO, content writing, ecommerce, mobile apps and many other things that we do. But today you are about to know a secret, something that we haven’t revealed so far and this is the first time you will be able to read it.

How it all started?

Just after the launch of the Digital India campaign of the Government of India in collaboration with Intel and other blue-chip technology companies, our entire team was excited about the rapid pace of innovation and indigenous technological revolution that it can potentially accelerate.

As a web design and development company, we thought of participating in the challenge but then we decided to refrain from it, keeping in mind the limited knowledge capital we had at our disposal. Also, investing manpower for a cause that would contribute to the advancement of our country was a novel idea, but to be honest, we decided to keep focus on our main-stream business.

The management problem

However, we observed a growing restlessness among our young and energetic team members, who were exchanging ideas and talking about the GOI initiative when they were up for a coffee break or brainstorming to solve a client’s problem. As the management of a niche web design company, it captured our imagination. We asked ourselves a very important question – How can we channelize the creative energy of a vibrant team without jeopardizing the core business process?

The management responded

The answer came in the form of low cost web development – an approach that made a huge difference to the bottom-line of our company. Earlier, we were focusing only on niche segments that required high investments and months for development. But then, we realized that we can also accomplish a lot by delving into low cost web development solutions – something that can be done quickly, efficiently and without taking at hit from the financial standpoint. We placed the following argument before our team – we are going to develop simple websites, ranging from 1 page to 15 pages and along with that we are also going to provide the mobile-responsive version, besides delivering a custom-designed logo, all of these at a very low rate.

The reaction was wonderful

By doing this, we were able to capture the market that comprises of common people and small business with simple requirements while at the same time be able to increase the popularity of websites as a tool for promoting one’s business. In this way, we shall contribute towards our Digital India!

The whole team jumped at their feet as they thought that the idea and change in approach was worth giving a shot. From this point, there was no turning back. We know we are not doing something spectacular that might catch the attention of the national dailies, but we are surely doing our part in our own little way – satisfaction that comes from honest effort only.