Parole Packet Services
Our Premium Service includes all of the above, + our in-depth content strategy service. Upon ordering our Premium Parole Packet Service, we will interview the inmate’s family, friends & other references by phone or Skype, draft the support letters on their behalves, and assemble the Parole Packet contents complete with cover page, support letter excerpt page, table of contents and cover letter.
After Placing Your Order:
After placing your order, we will send you a list of items that we will need in order to start the process. These items will consist of support letters that will need to be written by the inmate, and his/her family and friends, as well as any prospective employer. We will offer guidance as to what should be said in each letter, however it is important that they be expressed in the author’s own words. No worries-we never use form letters! Regardless of which service you order, we will edit and format all content for spelling, grammar and style. We will also include any certificates received for classes and programs completed during incarceration. Once we have received all required documents, we will combine them into two parole packets, ready for submission to the parole board. We will then place both Parole Packets in a shipping envelope and mail it to the inmate or inmate’s representative via 2-Day mail.