Cleaning clogged print heads

调试模式:Cleaning clogged print heads ** Cleaning clogged inkjet nozzle ** Saving a clogged Epson printer   Keeping the ink flowing from the CIS external tank to the cartridges  If your CIS has been in service for over two years, the printer has not been used for months, or you observed bands on the prints  that cannot be cleared by normal cleaning, it is a good idea to check the CIS for wear or restricted ink flow.    Prime the CIS to test for flow problems in the lines.    Insert a syringe into the poppet valve and pull the plunger to remove ink from the cartridge, ink should flow without any restrictions.   Remove at least 10 - 15 ml ink from each color so all the ink in the lines are purged.  A resistance means the line might be  clogged by dry ink.  Remove more ink if you must to see if ink is flowing smoothly.  Caution:  Leaving the printer without a set of cartridges will cause ink to dry in the print head causing further problems.  Insert a set  of cleaning cartridges into the printer at this time to print the multi-color purge pattern.  Print several pages so the cleaning fluid will  go into the print head.  If the cleaning fluid is a mixture of ink and cleaning fluid, the prints will be lighter.  This is how you determine  if the cleaning fluid is in the print head.  For more information on how to clean the print head, click here for the latest updated post on how to unclog print heads.  There is a small filter in the cartridge to filter out what should not go into the print head.  Over time, the filter could be clogged.  This  happens most often on the matte black cartridge.  If the filter is clogged, ink will not flow from the external tank to the cartridges.   If the plunger of the syringe pulls freely but there in no flow, there is a leak somewhere.  The leak must be located and fixed before  continuing the flow test.  If you have a good reason to suspect ink drying up inside the external tank.  Priming the CIS to test for ink flow.   Take care not to break the connectors on bottle caps  Place a finger below the two connectors and lift the cap open.    The CIS shipped since 2007 has refill plugs on the back.  The connector  does not have to be removed to refill the bottles.  Broken connector/cap should be replaced before attempting to prime the  CIS.  Email [email protected] for replacement parts.  If the printer is not used for several months, ink could dry up inside the line  where it is close to the connector.  This happens especially if the connector  is not tight.  Press the connector and tighten the screws at the same time,  the connector should seal properly.  Never over tighten the screws as it will  break the screws.  Finger tight the screws while pressing the connector  against the tank.