I do forgive people

Wise people take responsiblity for their actions, foolish ones point fingers and won't admit when their wrong. Whenever you find yourself in trouble and blaming others know this; you are worse off. The thing is, you won't be able to solve whatever it is that's troubling you until you admit that you have a problem. For example if you've punched someone and he has apparently ran to the copshop to report what you've done to them, don't go around telling people that he's a man and could've been manly enough to fight you back. You may be a bully but, not all of us are or even if we want to show our fighting skills to the world, we're not too keen--as we view punch-ups as for kiddies during playtime. Most of them get entangled in street brawls because they've seen their elders do it. So they would like to punch another on the face, break a leg, break some jaw or remove some teeth. Because they know nothing about fighting and what they're doing are as a result of having seen their elders do it. And a doctor or a dentist is faraway from their medulas--unlike yous who do everything intentionally. And it depends on how strong one is. I'm no weaker or strong but my words are and can exert pain in one's soul--depending on what you've said or done to me. I like people living responsibly and don't take kindly to someone who will tell me; 'Sorry, I didn't mean it.' And though I'm like that, I do forgive people. But get pissed off one more time when they remind me of what I did to them long ago.