Automated SEO – The Future of Search Engine Optimization

Automated SEO – The Future of Search Engine Optimization




When the Google Hummingbird algorithm update was announced all over the Internet back in 2013, people began to realize that the extended use of automated SEO programs can do more harm than good for your Internet marketing plan. Of course, there might be some truth to it, but in my honest opinion, I guess that man should also take the blame as well and not just the machine.


Back in the early days of 2009, there were lots of automated programs that were in the spotlight of most Internet marketers and SEO people. Some of the famous automated SEO programs were SENuke, Traffic Geyser, Market Samurai, ProSEO Tools and SEOMoz. Some of these programs still exist until now, but nowadays, people are skeptical in using an automated marketing programs and keyword tools. Also, a lot of self-entitled SEO gurus and experts keep pushing people towards the belief that the only way to get promoted in Google is to use the Google keyword tool and others. I am not going to say that they are lying about that information; it’s just that the fear towards automated programs is totally unfair.


Some of these programs actually work really well. The only reason why some marketers who are using these programs are having a hard time getting good traffic into their website right now is because they were either penalised by Google and had to go back to scratch or their search engine optimization techniques are not very good compared to others. They may use the same automated programs over and over again, but how they use the programs should also be questioned as well.


This is why I truly believe that these automated programs shouldn’t be feared today. If you are using either Senuke or SEOMoz, there is a big difference when it comes to placing your link bait articles and how many times you do your marketing campaign in a month or two. I know a lot of Internet marketers who are using Senuke for their campaigns and their websites are doing absolutely wonderful. It just goes to show that these automated programs will only work well for the hard-working SEO person, not the lazy one.


In most cases nowadays, a lot of SEO companies are now starting to take the “quality over quantity” trend. Using automated SEO programs can be both an advantage and disadvantage; it becomes an advantage if you use it properly and a disadvantage if you use for quicker results.