How Can You Take advantage of Loading Files with an IRC/XDCC Client?

Increasing numbers of people are talking about downloading files using XDCC as they see it swifter and more convenient. The things listed below are the benefits that you can enjoy from using it:

Problem-Free When Used

You just need to download mIRC and then alter its settings. Looking for downloadable files in your desired search engine is the next thing to do. Then, enter XDCC command in the chat box.

New Contents are Always there

This is the one you can trust if you want fresh releases for any shows, movies and some other things.

Faster Means of Downloading

In just a few minutes, you can already get a complete movie download using IRC/XDCC client even if you don’t have quick connection to the internet. You can validate the quickness of the downloading process by just referring to the screenshot above. The speed of this download is several megabytes per second.

There’s No Need to Fret About Security

You are linked with tons of individuals when you are in the file sharing networks. However, this isn’t the case with IRC/XDCC as they only limit the viewers of your downloading activities to a couple of people. They are not like eDonkey and Bit Torrent that keep your account activities under surveillance in most cases.

Costs Nothing

In this website, downloading files can be completed in seconds. You may be cynical about this, but it actually exists. Moreover, no ads will appear in front of you.

To start a totally new downloading experience, here are the things that you must do.

Set Up mIPRC Before You Go on to XDCC Downloading

From the past 20 years so far, IRC has been constantly helping a lot of people from all around the world. Everyone wishes to experience a swift download process and it has been made possible through this distribution channel.

These steps need to be followed carefully if you intend to accomplish a successful configuration of your mIRC for XDCC download:

Install mIRC

Through the help of, you can have the free IRC client and run the installer. Click the “continue” button when you have seen a trial notice emerge.

Instructions Involved for mIRC Configuration

The choices will just instantly open but if it doesn’t, then try clicking the icon on the top left screen. There you must enter a nickname, alternative nickname, made up name and email address. Afterwards, visit IRC and be sure the box for “rejoin channel when kicked” is checked.

In the DCC, click “Auto-get file and if file exists, resume”. Click only those you wish to download and not everything that has been sent to you. Below the DCC, click on “Ignore” and opt for “Disabled”. Furthermore, you must deselect the checkbox for “Turn ignore back on” to be able for you to download.

When it comes to notifications, you can have a look on the DCC-Options. Removing the check is advised if you don’t want a beeping sound alert when file transfer is complete. Do the same trick for the “sounds” option if notification beeps doesn’t interest you.

Finally, navigate to the DCC-Folders and set the folder location of your downloaded stuff. If you are done editing the settings, click the “OK” button to save the changes you have made.

Want to be benefited by the mentioned tool. Don’t just sit there and do nothing, try it now!