BSM150GT120DN2 Infineon Semiconductor IGBT Power Module

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BSM150GT120DN2 - The most excellent choice in powering up brushless DC motors. With a weight of 3.31 lbs., this Infineon IGBT power module can boost the performance of brushless DC motors with its ability to give 200A and 1200V of energy.


BSM150GT120DN2 is one of those advanced Infineon power modules that offer advantages from diagnosing problems to minimizing the user’s expenses. To guarantee high efficiency, it has a 3-phase full bridge component that enables the motors to attain performance at optimal level. It has a robust design that significantly minimizes the risks of system damage.


Equipped with an insulated metal base plate, Infineon BSM150GT120DN2 guarantees the best electrical isolation of adjacent devices. It can also function at its best on high temperatures.


Finally, BSM150GT120DN2 has fast freewheeling diodes to eliminate sudden voltage spikes during induction loading. With all these features noted in one Infineon semiconductor, you’ll never have to look for another semiconductor to power up your brushless DC motors!