Tips For Knowing The Things To Do In Buenos Aires

Tips For Knowing The Things To Do In Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina, the largest city of the country. The city is bustling with life at all times of the day and located near the western shore of the famous Rio Plata. Buenos Aires has become a popular tourist destination and a city you should not miss out on! The city is well known for its beautiful architecture and it actually houses the highest concentration of theaters in the world. With a variety of culture, beauty, friendly locals and great food this is a must see city!


Buenos Aires is often called the “Paris of South America,” for its soaring architecture and rich European heritage. It has taken created a cosmopolitan center from the best art, culture, food, history and spirit of its immigrants and allowed it to flourish into a city that literally never sleeps. It is a place where exclusivity and luxury clash on poverty, and the differences can be found on every corner. This is thought to be one of the “alpha" cities of Latin America that it has the third best quality of life for the continent and the 81st best quality of life ranked in the world.


While the city has been on the downturn due to lack of maintenance it still has its charm if you look for it.  The moniker “The Paris Of The South” can still apply when you roam around the city. Here is the best Things To Do In Buenos Aires, mainly Explore the Barrios, Ride an Old-Fashioned Subway, Meet Gauchos at the Feria De Mataderos, Try Speed Dating for Language Learners, Take a Break From Steak, Attend a Dinner Party, Learn About Recent History, Watch the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Listen to Modern Tango.


This grandiose city with wide avenues and a vibrant cosmopolitan flair is more generally European than Latin American in character. Having little colonial architecture and few landmark buildings, Buenos Aires is chiefly a city of distinctive neighborhoods that have their own meeting places, generally coffeehouses or bars. The energy and bustle of modern Buenos Aires is most evident in the city center—the locus of entertainment, shopping, and café-going porteños relish politics, football (soccer), and the city’s cultural offerings. At night Buenos Aires’s boites (nightclubs) swell with revelers dancing the tango, the emotional dance that originated in the lower-class areas of the city and that is said to reflect the essence of the soul of the porteño.


Once in Buenos Aires, get ready to be shocked, fascinated, irritated and likely fall accidentally in love... with the city and its incredible spirit. Just open yourself to unbelievable and strong experience, and you'll never regret it! Check out more tips on my face book page @