Application of Ethyl capryla1te

Ethyl capryla1te is a colorless or nearly colorless, transparent liquid with strong, sweet honey aroma. He can be used as a pesticide and pharmaceutical intermediates.
The main use of Ethyl capryla1te:
1.Ethyl capryla1te is used for the preparation of a variety of flowers daily flavors
2. It can also be used as a solvent and Spice agent, also used in organic synthesis. Few are used in many types of fragrances, mainly used for medium and low white rose, sandalwood, rose, Lily of the Valley, sweet tofu pudding, orange flower wax, honey, clover and some fat sweet in flavor. It can be widely used in the tobacco and food flavors and spices is a good smoke flavor. In the honey, cream, apricot, cherry, peaches and other few amount of flavor GB 2760-96 provisions to temporarily allow the use of flavoring. Mainly used for the preparation of honey, peach, and the product is a synthetic fragrance, with remarkable and the sweet scent of roses. Spectrum times the flavor of tobacco, SOAP, cosmetics, a small amount of white rose, trace amounts of orange blossom, sweet peas and honey the flavor of the fruit, applicable to the Havana grass flavor. In the pharmaceutical industry for the production of barbiturate hypnotics luminal, can also be used as a solvent.
3. Ethyl capryla1te can be used to flavor formulation, mainly used for the deployment of honey flavor and fruity flavors. It can also be used for tobacco flavors and recipes.

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