Selection challenge LED indoor show essential consideration ought to be

 Collection of indoor complete color(variable message sign)


 Inside the indoor atmosphere, an area of ??greater than five square meters significant, full-color electronic show primarily ordinary rear projection, DLP (Digital LCD rear-projection) and LED displays 3 alternatives.


 Advantages projection variety display is small pixels, higher definition, the drawback is low brightness, viewing angle is little, short lens lamp life (only a handful of thousand hours). And so on. pixel plasma splicing is actually a tiny, high-definition, the disadvantage is patchwork, patchwork smallest can attain 1mm. Rear class and plasma screens for fairly close viewing. Positive aspects of LED display high brightness, no patchwork, the disadvantage will be the pixel coarse particles, the reduced resolution. Currently commercialized indoor complete colour LED show to achieve the highest density P4, namely 62500 pixels / m 2. LED show for viewing distant indoor locations.


 1. Selection challenge LED (EN12966)indoor display key consideration ought to be


 Use LED indoor show, primarily in the following aspects.


 ?? density. Because indoor full color LED chip heat higher handle higher circuit density, dot density so commercialized now complete colour can not be created incredibly higher, you'll find P5, P6, P7.62, P8, P10 as well as other varieties .


 ?? drive. Drive mode indoor complete colour LED show is constant current drive, dynamic scanning mode (primarily 1/4, 1/8 scan mode, and so on.). In the exact same die, the 1 / scanning circuit 4 to be a lot more, have higher brightness.


 ?? package. LED(speed limit sign) surface within the form of indoor full color LED show with a single lamp, Asia paste, three-mile SMD and triple paste a number of, the appearance is not exactly the same. Benefits of surface-mount package is massive viewing angle, light consistency, and effortless automatic welding process, the full-color LED screen mainstream merchandise, but now the cost is comparatively higher; the point of view of a single lamp is fairly smaller, greater brightness, reduce rates. Asia paste is actually a single lamp. Single lamp and Asia paste are fairly low-cost, it's a transitional product.


 ?? true pixels and virtual pixels. And outdoor full colour screen, as the variety of pixels indoor complete color screen can also be divided into two sorts of true pixel and virtual pixel.


 ?? die. And outside complete colour, as is generally advised indoor full color blue and green tubes tube using Silan Azure die, red tube with Jia Guang Opto or die. High-end goods is encouraged die Nichia and Cree of your United states.