5 Mobile Applications Photographers Must Try


With the continuous development of mobile technology, you shouldn’t be shocked that anywhere you go, you will find professional photographers and photo hobbyists around.


Nowadays, you actually don’t need a Digital slr camera camera right away t be called a photographer. All that you would need is an android phone with high pixels, great features and awesome android applications. Using your mobile phone you can now photograph the subjects you like and make the images more creative using an application.


Here’s a list of some free android applications ideal for photography fans and even professional photographers.


Some Android phones have a shutter cam that is somewhat noisy and can be awkward when used in public. This SilentCam can help lessen or totally remove the noise from your camera phone so that you can capture images quietly.


Photo Grid
Photo Grid is a nice software for making a collage of the different photographs you took. You can customize a collage and share it to your social media accounts so your friends are able to see. You can also make one for your friend’s bday. A photographer can pour out his creative side using this Photo Grid application.


There are occasions when we want to take images of something we saw however it took us awhile to open our phone and set the camera. With Qikcam, it is easy to capture what you want. Even moving objects may be easily captured by this awesome application.


QuickPic can be used as your alternative gallery. You can store many photos and organize them by time, folder and file name. It will be simpler for you to search and access photos.


This is in some way similar to the Instagram application wherein you can publish the edited, final picture to your various social media accounts. This app has a variety of filters that can help make an image look more eye-catching.


Some enhancing tools or features of these applications are similar to those in DSLR cameras. This could be a good benefit to those who would like to begin photography.