Lanpu-lighting’s latest energy-efficient LED bulbs

Earth is only one, although we all say, but it is hard for us in the company to protect the Earth, especially for the LED light supplier china. It is not much, lanpu-lighting will be considered very hard to do this job. We can have a look at what has he done for the world.


New SlimStyle LED with high luminous efficiency is lanpu-lighting LUXEON LED’s element and its power consumption is only 13W, and illumination of up to 1100 lumens, equivalent to 75W incandescent lamp, life expectancy up to 23 years, while the brightness can be adjusted. Lanpu-lighting expects a new SlimStyle LED energy-saving light bulb from T8 LED tube light suppliers, over the lifetime of the user can save at least $ 170 in electricity. In order to enhance the luminous efficiency, improved CPT blue LED diode design, it is dispersed in a planar array, so you do not aluminum heat sink, but than ordinary LED thinner, lighter, and simpler to manufacture


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