Ladies who Valentino Sandals prefer

Sunglasses don't just protect your eyes from UV rays. They're also the perfect way to top off your look. Ladies who Valentino Sandals prefer a classic look should opt for simple tortoiseshell frames and subtle cateye shapes. This is an especially great option if you own only one pair of glasses, as classic frames work with a variety of looks. Colorblocked shades ones that show off multiple colors in sections are also a stylish option. Geometric frames are fun, too. If glam is your thing, sparkly embellished frames are perfect for you. More exaggerated cateye shapes really make a statement, and oversized frames can inject a bit of oldHollywood glam into your look.

Finding your best pair of shades also includes considering which shapes will best fit your face. If you have an ovalshaped face, try a pair of aviators. The teardrop shape of aviators takes attention away from a bigger forehead and pulls the focus to your eyes. Oversized frames create the same effect. Rectangular frames are perfect for round faces. The strong lines of the frames stretch the face out, giving it more definition. Try a cateye frame to get the same look. Heartshaped faces are ideal for square frames. So are cateye frames, which contrast the softer lines of your Valentino Rockstud Shoes Sale face. If you have a square face, round and oval frames are your best bets. Aviators work well for you, too, but make sure you're picking a pair with rounded rather than sharp edges.