With respect to Tr the paraffinic compositions are also variable

However, the major role of gas plants is to process both associated and non associated gas to produce high-quality natural gas and hydrocarbon liquids. Sale of liquids provides a significant portion of the income from these PF-8380 plants. Plants optimize profits by adjusting the fraction of liquids recovered while meeting the specifications for the natural gas.
Skeletal diagram of the studied gas plant is shown in Fig. 1 indicating the points from which the samples were collected. Table 1 shows the collected gas and liquid samples through three timed averages in one year.
Figure 1. Skeletol diagram of Obaiyed gas plant with the selected sampling points.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
Table 1.
3.1. Outlet separator samples
3.1.1. Gas samples from outlet separators Tr-1 and Tr-2
For each gas sample, there is some amount of condensate and water, so frontal lobe is important to calculate the wt% of well stream composition from the combination of the compositions of flash gas and separator oil and the latter was obtained from the combination of the condensate samples and its dissolved gas. The chloride ions were dissolved only in water, so any chloride contents in gas and condensate are accompanied with the water dissolved in gas and condensate samples.