What Is The Difference Between Parent, Grandparent Super Visa And Visitor Visa?

As we have presently mentioned about mum or dad and grandparent super visa, there are still some uncertainties still left and some concerns pop up in the head that how does it differ from the customer visa.

Below I will examine with you the variations among the two I.e. mother or father and grandparent super visa and visitor's visa.

Folks who want to apply for this should be mother and father or grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent inhabitants as on the other hand visitor visa has no this kind of need parents visitor visa canada anyone can implement for this visa.

Person keeping the tremendous visa are allowed to keep in Canada for up to two years with no the need to have to renew their status and the visa holders are permitted to keep in Canada for a period of six months only. Parent and grandparent visa is a several entry visa and is valid for a interval of 10 a long time, while how to sponsor common-law partner in canada a multiple entry visitor visa will only have a status period of time for every single entry of 6 months only.