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Finally, to explain the additional lines and distortions, we observed that this Glimepiride system has some kaleidoscopes properties. From our previous work [2] and [13], we have conjectured that the reflections in the image formation from Plateau borders is intimately connected with hyperbolic geometry. For example, we observed some optical effects and the analogy with Poincaré disc. Because Plateau borders are curvaceous prisms like those shown in the diagram of Fig. 2(b), certain projections are direct motions of the hyperbolic plane known as Möbius transformations. The Plateau border shares some physical properties of kaleidoscopes, a system which produces a faceted pattern macroevolution fills the entire field of view, as in the case of the three mirror kaleidoscope of Fig. 4 of Ref. [13]. For the case of the three films meeting at the Plateau border, the condition of reflection for certain values of angle of incidence of light creates partial patterns of hexagonal structures, such as the triangular pattern shown in Fig. 1(c), the distorted pattern of Fig. 1(e), and the triangles of Figs. 6(a)–6(c).